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driving in snow safety

It-snow Joke!

Some areas of the UK (and many of our motorways!) have come to a halt because of the snow. Here are a few simple measures you can take to ensure you don’t find the weather a challenge. Screen wash. Make sure that your screen wash is topped up before each journey – it takes two minutes. [...]

free car wash preston walker vehicle repair centre

FREE car wash!

When you spend over £20 or book in for a service, we will clean your vehicle. We offer a quality hand car wash, which many of our customers prefer to the more abrasive drive through washes found at petrol stations. We use top quality cleaning products and take pride in our work… we will clean your car [...]

looking after your car walker vehicle repair centre

Looking after your car

Many common problems can be avoided by taking a little time to care for and look after your vehicle. Follow Walker Vehicle’s simple hints to help keep your car in tip top condition. Check your tyre pressure – making sure that you have the correct tyre pressure will prolong the life span of your tyres [...]